Publicerad: 2007-08-14 15:22:16
Det här är en nyhet publicerad på den gamla versionen av Rakaka, nyheten kan därför se lite konstig ut. Om information saknas kan du alltid kontakta oss så kan vi lösa det.

- HeatoN coachar!
- Miniw lämnar!
- GeT_RiGhT pangar!
- Azl pangar!

Nu är nya NiP klart. Precis som vi på tidigare rapporterat om - så är det supertalangen GeT_RiGhT och polaren azl som hoppar på tåget. Legenden HeatoN ska coacha det nya laget medans Miniwalle lämnar!
    Today, we are sad to announce that we are saying goodbye to Jonathan ”miniw” Wallenberg from the team, due to him taking a break from active gaming to focus on other things in life. Though as we say goodbye to Jonathan we welcome a rizing star in the gaming scene; Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund to the team. Christopher was recently apart of the Begrip organisation where he shown a great amount of talent, and shocked many people with his performance.

    Though, this is not the only change as the one and only Emil “HeatoN” Christensen will be going inactive playing with the team to become the team coach for the near future. Emil will now be working close with the team and help to develop the NiP organisation even more than it is today. This weekend the WCG Qualifier for Sweden will be taking place in Stockholm, and the team will be using former Begrip player; Max “azl” Höög as a stand-in for this qualifier. Max will also be playing against NoA this Thursday in the Clanbase Eurocup. Below you can find the line-up of NiP:

Dennis “walle” Wallenberg
Kristoffer “Tentpole” Nordlund
Johan “face” Klasson
Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund
Max “azl” Höög (Stand-in)
Emil “HeatoN” Christensen (Coach)


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